Laser Scanning - Pointcloud

MobileCAD Surveying  have introduced a new survey solution which produces surveys quicker on site and cheaper than traditional surveying methods.

Using the latest in Mobile Laser Scanning technology, MobileCAD can produce floor plans and sections quicker on site than traditional surveying methods. MobileCAD then use distos to act as a check for data produced by the scanner. The equipment measures to the usual RICS tolerances with the relative accuracy in a building of less than 5mm and total building accuracy of less than 20mm.

All external dimensions and surveys are recorded using Total Station with all information tied together using common points of reference.

  • Vastly reduced 'on site survey times' means less disruption to clients homes and offices.

  • Full internal point cloud data helps with all types of design outputs.

  • Produce normal 2d or 3d drawings packages.

  • The most cost effective way of producing RICS compliant surveys.

  • Cost competitive lease plan survey tool.

  • Perfect for as-built survey applications.

  • Ideal for difficult to access areas where traditional equipment would struggle to access.

  • Excellent tool for difficult survey environments such as Hospitals, Schools, Hotels etc

Please call 01977 525076 for examples or a demonstration.

MobileCAD using Zeb Revo on site

Hand Held Laser Scanner in use at Former Clayton Hospital

Leica BLK360 Scanner in use in residentail loft
Examples of Pointcloud of Residential Property from MobileCAD

PointCloud data from Laser Scanner

Leica BLK 360 Laser Scanner in use

In our pursuit of new technologically driven surveying, MobileCAD have several Leica laser scanners that capture full colour panoramic images that are overlaid onto a highly accurate point cloud model. The scanner is paired with a Tablet PC which allows our surveyor to view and reference scans on site in real time.