Variety of Work for MobileCAD

MobileCAD have been tackling a wide variety of work over the past couple of months.

Along with our regular work load of Topographical Surveys & Measured Building Surveys for residential and commercial properties undertaken with both our Leica Total Stations and BLK360 Laser Scanner.

MobileCAD have also carried out Site Demolition Surveys, COVID 19 General Arrangement Plans, Detailed Measured Building Surveys.

To help reduce the risk of spreading COVID 19, businesses are having to adapt to help keep their staff and cliental safe. Over the past couple of months MobileCAD have been assisting in creating plans for office spaces so that people can move through an office space safely and interact with cliental whilst also maintaining safe social distancing where ever possible.

In September MobileCAD utilised our Leica BLK360 to help produce a Detailed Drawing Package for a Residential Property in Northwest London. Since the building is Grade II Listed, our client requested that the drawings be produced to show the full internal detailing of the buildings joinery work and external stone moulding details.

MobileCAD were on site in Ealing earlier in October to carry out a site demolition survey, a case of da ja vue for the surveyor on site as they had previously carried out a Measured Building Survey of the building that stood on this site nearly 4 years ago.

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