22 Acre Site Survey

Earlier in May MobileCAD were on site in the outskirts of High Wycombe to carry out a Measured Building Survey of a 6 bedroom property. MobileCAD were also tasked with surveying the full site area which totalled just under 22 acres !

Since the site area was largely made up of open fields separated with timber fences and dense vegetation boundaries, it made sense to use our Spectra SP60 GPS system which meant the Topographical Survey could be carried out by a single surveyor.

Using the GPS system meant while the Topographical Survey was been carried out, another surveyor could be conducting the Measured Building Survey reducing the time needed on site. The two surveys were tied together on site using permanent site stations. The Topographical Survey took our surveyor under 4 days to complete, the full survey package was completed within 7 days and drawings were issued to our client within 4 days of completion of the survey.

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