Frequently Asked Questions

MobileCAD are frequently asked many questions about our surveying services, these are a small collections of the most frequently asked questions that we come across :

Q. What is a Measured Building Survey ?

A. Measured Building Surveys provide an accurate representation of your property showing all of the buildings structural elements and architectural features. A Measured Building Survey can be used by Architects, Structural Engineer's or any other consultants to provide design drawings for your desired project requirements.

Q. How much does a Measured Building Survey Cost ?

A. Since our Measured Building Surveys are tailored to your requirements we do not have a one size fits all price for our services. To get a quote for your survey please call us on 01977 525 076, email or you can request a quotation here and our team will respond to you with a quotation asap.

Q. How long do is it take to carry out a survey ?

A. As you can imagine this would depend on the size of the premises or site area, MobileCAD can generally survey residential properties of  p to 3 bedrooms within a day but this also depend on the scope of works requested. Topographical surveys also vary as an open field is  quicker to survey then a busy car park would be of similar areas. If you require more information on a specific project then please contact us.

Q. The premises can only be accessed at certain times of the day is this ok ?

A. Yes this is fine, if there are any issues with regards to access to a premises then please let us know at the time of requesting a quotation  and we can accommodate your request.

Q. Do I need to be on the premises during the survey ? How many people does it take ?

A. No there is usually no reason to remain on the premises once our surveyor has been given access, but if you would prefer to remain on site that is fine. Our team are use to working alone whether its in a vacant residential or commercial property or occupied residence or working premises. Typically it would just be one surveyor who carries out the survey but depending on the size of the property or the time allowed on site we may have multiple surveyors on site. But this would be agreed with yourselves and our surveyors details would be given to you prior to them attending site.

Q. Construction work is currently in progress on site, can you still survey whilst this is in progress ?

A. Yes this is not a problem. Our team are equipped with appropriate PPE equipment to be able to work on most construction sites. If there are specific PPE equipment requirements then please notify us prior to the survey and will try and arrange these before attending site.

Q. Are your surveyors DBS Checked ?

A. Yes, the majority of our surveying team have an enhanced DBS check which we can provide details of before attending site if required. 

Q. I would prefer that photos not be taken by the surveyor whilst at the premises, is this ok ?

A. This is not a problem, if there is any reason you would prefer that photos not be taken by our surveyors then they will be respectful of this. Photos do however provide a vital tool in the drawing process, we would prefer photos from the premises to assist in this process and would prefer to come to an agreement that photos be checked before leaving site, be taken by the person on site if this or photos only be taken in certain areas if agreeable.

Q. Do I need to clear space for your surveying equipment ? 

A. No not especially, our Total Stations are mounted on tripods that do not take much more space the a person would, so long as there is a clear path our surveyor should be ok. This also applies to our laser scanning equipment, but spaces such as lofts that are typically filled with stored items might lead to a limited survey in these areas if access is obstructed.