Busy 2020 for MobileCAD

The first two months of 2020 have been a busy period for MobileCAD with over 150 surveys completed to date. During this period the surveys have been of a diverse range of small and large scale residential properties, topographical surveys, a large school and works to provide plan surveys of a chain of nursery premises across the UK.

The above elevations were produced as part of a topographical survey on a site near Camden Town, London. To collect as much of the adjacent property information as possible, our surveyor utilised the Lecia BLK360 Laser Scanner to collect the data in the short time allowed on site. This will provide vital information to the Architect in designing the scheme to ensure over shadowing existing window openings is avoided as best as possible.

The Lecia BLK360 Laser Scanner was also used on site on the other side of the Thames in Newington as part of a measured building survey. The scanner was able to gather the detailed information necessary to produce the detailed elevations of the property and some of the surrounding property information.

In the early part of January, MobileCAD were asked to carry out a Topographical Survey of a school in Oxford as well as also carrying out check dimensions of some existing buildings on site. The specification also required MobileCAD to produce an indicative furniture layout for all the rooms in the buildings. The site was surveyed using our Total Station equipment by one surveyor and to assist in gathering the furniture layout and check plans another surveyor was tasked with going into the buildings with our Mobile Laser Scanner.

As well as carrying out these works, MobileCAD have also been producing Lease Plans, Setting Out Surveys and check dimension surveys for the manufacturing of specialist fire doors.

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