BLK360 Scan of Residential Property

MobileCAD were recently appointed to carry out a measured building survey of a residential property in London with a detailed specification.

The specification required MobileCAD to produce detailed information of the internal joinery including skirting boards, architraves and cornice profiles along with internal elevations. Utilising our Leica BLK360, this allowed our surveyor to gather the necessary detailed information quicker and with just as much accuracyas with a Total Station.

With the building layout, external works and elevations recorded using our Leica Total Station, the point cloud data gathered from the BLK360 allowed the drawing team to load the drawings with the detailed information required by the specification and also produce the internal elevation drawings.

This is a walk through of the point cloud data gathered from the survey using our BLK360 and some of the drawings from the 2D drawing package produced from that data below.

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