BLK360 Providing the Detail

At the end of December 2019 MobileCAD had been appointed to provide a detailed measured building survey for a residential property. Since the specification requested internal elevations along with profile information of internal joinery our surveyor utilised the BLK360 to gather all the required data.

The BLK360 made short work of gathering the data and with another surveyor on site with a Total Station to survey the general arrangement of the property, elevations and site topography the survey was completed within 2 days between both surveyors. The package of information was uploaded to the MobileCAD office as the survey was in progress so drawing work could begin asap.

To produce a detailed package of 2D drawing information, two members of the drawing team spent 4 days to produce the final package which was returned to client a the start of the new year. A great job by surveys and drawing staff to produce an excellent set of drawings, some of which you can see below along with a walk through of the PointCloud data.

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