Ashton Middle School

MobileCAD were asked to carry out a Topographical & Measured Building Survey of Ashton Middle School in Dunstable, Bedfordshire in 2016.

Ashton's main building and grounds began as Dunstable Grammar School, founded by Frances Ashton in 1728 and built in 1887. It officially took on its middle school name and status in 1973.

Bedfordshire changed from a two-tier school system to a three-tier system (lower, middle and upper) in 1972, the concept of middle schools originally being mooted in 1967.

In August 2014 Central Bedfordshire Council made the decision to close Ashton Middle School in 2016. The site is now undergoing redevelopment with over 100 residential properties in construction.

As well as our original appointment to carry out a Measured Building Survey & Topographical Survey of the site, MobileCAD were also asked by our client to carry out a utility trace survey and internal elevations of the main hall of the school.

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